Business Associates Program

​Become a GSBA Business Associate to show your support for public education and to get connected with the key education decision makers in Georgia.

As an associate, you can meet your market: the more than 1,800 school board members, superintendents, executive assistants, facilities managers and business officials who spend billions annually to equip and maintain thousands of school buildings, incorporate curricula and extracurricular components, provide logistics and transportation, and various educational opportunities for more than 1.7 million public school students. Click to view our current associates.

“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”

Ben Stein
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    • Benefits
    • Company listing on GSBA website with hyperlink
    • Company use of GSBA Business Associate logo
    • Priority on advertising and sponsorship opportunities
    • Cohosted, GSBA promoted webinar spotlighting the company and its product, services, or thought leadership content to GSBA members
    • Special recognition in support of GSBA s vision for public education
    • Two seats at the GSBA Governance Team of the Year banquet
    • Invitation to attend GSBA s District Strategic Plan sessions throughout the year
    • Supporter
    • $1Kper year
    • 5th priority
    • Advocate
    • $5Kper year
    • 4th priority
    • Ally
    • $10Kper year
    • 3rd priority
    • Champion
    • $15Kper year
    • 2nd priority
    • Visionary
    • $25Kper year
    • 1st priority

GSBA / GSSA Annual Conference and GSBA Summer Conference and Delegate Assembly**

    • Priority access to room reservations in conference hotels
    • Priority exhibit setup
    • Access to conference list prior to the event (name, title, organization)
    • Company listing in online conference program
    • Associate signage recognition in conference exhibit booths

Discounts and Allowances

    • Advertising
    • Full conference individual business registration
    • Credits toward advertising / sponsorship opportunities*

*All GSBA Associates will receive a personal consultation with GSBA’s Business Opportunities Manager during July/August to customize how to best use their allowance at GSBA activities throughout the year. Advertising and sponsorships are available to Associates in priority order and are on a first come first serve basis.

**Fees paid for the Associate program go towards companies priorities in getting an exhibit booth at GSBA conferences but are not included as a part of the Associate program.
See our GSBA’s conferences and exclusive exhibiting opportunities page for more details about the process for obtaining an exhibit booth.

Business Associate Program Options


  1. June – Companies will determine the Associate level they would like to participate at for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
  2. July/August – GSBA’s Business Opportunities Manager will hold personalized consultative meetings with each Associate to help you select the best opportunities to fit your needs for the year.  Associates will get to choose their selections in the priority order as follows:
    1. Visionary Associates
    2. Champion Associates
    3. Ally Associates
    4. Advocate Associates
    5. Supporter Associates
  3. September 1 – Remaining advertising and sponsorship opportunities for the year will be opened to non-Associates
  4. September 30 – Associate Program enrollment ends until next fiscal year

Let’s Get Started

To become a GSBA Business Associate please complete the online application.  Once completed, GSBA’s Business Opportunities
Manager will contact you to schedule your personalized consultative meeting.

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